Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is My Co-office?
    My Co-office provides fully furnished office space in Tier II & Tier III cities across India with well appointed common areas like reception, meeting rooms, training room and cafeteria, with a fully trained support team to manage the office and infrastructure for your company.
  • Where exactly My Co-office Offices located in Tier II & Tier III Cities?
    We prefer My Co-office office close to the commercial hub which has good connectivity of transportation via road or rail.
  • Why should I take My Co-office instead of my own office space?
    My Co-office is conceptualised with an aim to reduce your upfront capital costs on fit-outs, to provide cost certainty, operational assurance and mitigate risk; enabling you to focus on your core business.
  • Are you based in Allahabad?
    Certainly yes we do have office in Allahabad.
  • What is your concept?
    I would like to introduce you to a completely different and ultramodern concept- "Mall of Services", which redefines Business Expansion. My Co-office is the first organisation internationally which conceptualised this concept with hassle free solutions that offers ease of doing business across globe at the most economical cost with competitive value proposition.
  • How are you different than business center?
    My Co-office provides ease of doing business with no capital cost. It is a value proposition to open your own branches across India wherever there is an assured market, without worrying about capital cost, maintenance, Support services and Shop & Establishment compliances.
  • If I want to visit you, do I have to book an appointment with you?
    Feel free to walk into our Office, But we suggest you schedule a tour with us either by calling us on: +91-7007806926 or emailing us on:
  • Is Smoking allowed on the office premises?
    Smoking within My Co-Office is not allowed. However, there are dedicated smoking zones located on most extended campus areas.
  • Do you have parking facilities for each location?
    Yes, we do have Parking facility available in all the Location.
  • How can I do my business branding?
    We allow Client to do Branding within the premises as well as outside the building.
  • What is the average square feet of the workspace?
    We Customize Workspace as per Client Requirement.
  • Can visitor enter my private cabin?
    Yes! Certainly Visitor can enter in your Private Cabin.
  • What is a virtual office and what does it include?
    My Co-Office Virtual Office is a unique solution that helps you create a professional image for your business without booking an actual physical space. It means you acquire communication capabilities and an address, without having to set up a dedicated office space. Signing up for My Co-Office Virtual Office also come with multiple other benefits like free meeting room credits and complimentary access to the network of My Co-Office centers.
  • What are the KYC documents which will be taken from me when I sign up as an occupant?
    The list of KYC documents vary from the format of work sphere picked by a member. Adding to this, each member is required to submit the following documents:
    • Company Incorporation Letter
    • Company Pan Card
    • Individual Identity Proof
    • Address Proof
  • What are the other document that will be taken from me?
    The list of KYC documents vary from the format of work sphere picked by a member. Adding to this, each member is required to submit the following documents:
    • Staffing and Temping Solution
    • Field fulfillment
    • Back office support
    • IT-Networking and Infra management
    • Software development assistance
    • Know Compliances No Complaints
  • Can I take a help from your branch officer to understand better?
    Yes! Our Branch officer will be Happy to help you!!
  • Drinking water facilities are available in all your location?
    Yes! We do provide RO Purified Water.
  • How do I visit you in person?
    You can visit us any time in our Office.
  • Is there any hidden cost?
    No! We don’t have any hidden cost.
  • Do you provide Desktops, Laptops, Printer, Server etc.? Is there any IT Support?
    No, we don’t provide any IT equipment but can be procured for you at a additional cost. We can offer IT support for minor trouble shooting for your systems and AMC for your Systems can be taken care at an extra cost.
  • Can we bring our own Internet & Telecom connection?
    Clients have to bring their own internet & telecom connections as they can negotiate better from their existing vendors. All the equipments related to IT & Telecom need to be procured by the clients. My Co-Office will only provide you the required ports & points for connectivity purpose.
  • Can we set-up a LAN within our designated Office Space? What types of Cables are used?
    Yes Clients can set-up a LAN connection within their Office Space. They have to arrange for all switches & routers. We will just provide CAT 5 or CAT 6 cables as per the client request and all the required ports within their office space
  • Is there any hidden cost?
    We keep things completely transparent and understandable for all our clients. All terms and conditions are completely detailed in all our communications (like proposal, agreements etc.), and are accepted by our clients before undertaking our services
  • What are the charges for a dedicated IT connection?
    Charges will be dependent as per Requirement.
  • How different are you from Business Centre?
    We are different from the business centre as we enter into sub-lease agreements with our clients. We can customize the layout of work station as per client choice. Branding can be done within your office space as well as outside the building if required.
  • What would be the size of the Office?
    It can be customized as per your requirement based on number of workstation & managerial cabin/Cubicle you require.
  • What are the security & Safety measures taken by My Co-Offices?
    Our Client Safety is our prime concern. We have a security guard at the entrance of the Offices with CCTV camera places at common passage, reception & cafeteria area. We also have fire Extinguisher at the common areas. Wherever the building permits us to have fire sprinklers we have made the provision for the same along with smoke detectors.
  • How do you do the Guest Management?
    Our front desk staff will inform you on the arrival of your guest/guests. Client can come and take the guest at their designated offices or we can help them to take your guest at your designated offices.
  • What are your operating hours?
    Our hours of operation are 9am to 8pm. Monday to Saturday. Dedicated desks will have key card access to the office 24*7.
  • Can I get any branding design done for my business?
    Yes we do help you in Branding.
  • What are my payment options?
    We accept payments via Cheque, Payments are also possible via net banking.
  • How do I change my payment information?
    You can get in touch with your Community manager.
  • How much do I need to pay to reserve an office?
    We take 6 month Security Deposit in Advance.
  • What is your security deposit amount?
    Month Rent would be the deposit amount.
  • When do I pay my rent?
    By first week of starting month, Example- 1st Jan to 7th Jan.
  • Am I allowed to get my own server? If yes then what would be the one time or monthly fee?
    Yes! Client have to bring their own server and the charges will be inclusive in monthly rent.